Bistriški jarek Valley-Sedelnikov slap 4868

Bistriški jarek Valley-Sedelnikov slap

Region Carinthia Statistical Region
Starting point Branik Music Hall parking lot
Route length 1 km (0.10 miles)
route duration 1 km (0.10 miles) or 6 km (3.12 miles) by bike along the Bistriški jarek Valley
Best time to visit spring, summer, early autumn
Appropriate for Baby Carriers , 1-3 years of age , 3-6 years of age , 6+ years of age
Level of difficulty Easy route

Route Description

Discovering more or less hidden corners of Slovenia has never failed to surprise us. Sometimes, hidden gems of nature in thei vicinity blow even the locals away. Our small country is full of castles and waterfalls. The Sedelnik Waterfall enchanted us from the very first moment we stood still under it. It is located near Muta, in the village of Gortina.

You can reach the starting point by car; turn right at the sign for the Bistriški jarek Valley if you are coming from the direction of Muta. After about 6 kilometres (3.12 miles), you arrive to the Branik Music Hall, where you can park. You can also drive the route on bicycle instead of going on foot. There is no bike line, but there is very little traffic on the local road, therefore it is safe enough for the whole family to go. Next to the local school is a monument to the fallen fighters of the Unit Lacko (Lackov odred) partisans. Before crossing the bridge, you can also see the Eco Chapel that was built as a sign of protection from the looming danger of the Stausee Soboth Dam.

It takes less than 15 minutes to reach the waterfall, but durable footwear is desirable, as there is quite a bit of mud and fallen trees on the way. The Sedelnik Waterfall is the highest waterfall on Kozjak Hill and is 23 meters (75 feet) high. It is located on the left tributary of Mučka Bistrica River in Bistriški jarek Valley.

Interesting Facts

The Ecological Chapel was built in 1997 and is dedicated to St. Francis of Assisi. It warns of the danger that threatens the valley of the Bistrica Ditch - 22 million cubic feet of water in an artificially impounded lake, trapped behind the Golica/Koralpe Dam that would flood the valley if the dam loosened. This enormous structure is located across the border in Austria, in the municipality of Soboth.


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Bistriški jarek- Sedelnikov slap
Start point coordinates 46,642706

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Nearby Restaurants

Koroška hiša pri Lipi

Feel the authentic Carinthian cuisine right here and lick your fingers while tasting the almost forgotten traditionally prepared dishes. Do “kibelflajš” or “mežerli” sound familiar to you by any chance? You will definitely want to find out what these dishes are and even return to this nicely furnished and fragrant inn. Here, you can even stay the night in small authentic Carinthian rooms, called “štibelci”.

Mariborska cesta 12

2366 Muta

+386 (0)41 722 091

Mila and Staš Recommend

You can take a ride on the Drava River with Carinthian raftsmen (also “flosarji”). This was a very popular and appreciated profession. Hours and hours of hard work were often spiced up with the sound of a song played on an accordion and some strong “Koroška košta” broth. The workers always worked with a smile on their faces. 

We are hoping to convince our mom to try out rafting next time.