The Šalek Lakes-Velenje 581

The Šalek Lakes-Velenje

Region Savinja Statistical Region
Starting point The Velenje Beach camp parking lot
Route length 5,77 km (3.1 miles)
route duration 1-2 h
Best time to visit All year
Appropriate for Baby Strollers , Baby Carriers , 1-3 years of age , 3-6 years of age , 6+ years of age , Dandy Horses, Bikes
Level of difficulty Easy route

Route Description

The area around the Šalek Lakes boasts several well-tended trails suitable for hikers and cyclists alike and for a family stroll with a pram. You may choose between trails of varying lengths, from 2,300 meters (1.75 miles) to 7,500 meters (4.11 miles). They interconnect, allowing you to cycle or walk on one after another.

The routes are best displayed on a map where a specific colour is allocated to each trail. You may start in the town of Šoštanj, in Velenje or somewhere in between. An easy walking trail runs around the Velenje Lake, which takes a family with children a little over an hour to complete the circle. It starts at the parking lot next to the campsite’s snack bar or by the Velenje Beach.

  • Short running trail around the Škale Lake – 2,300 meters (1.5 miles)
  • Long running trail around the Škale Lake – 3,700 meters (2.5 miles)
  • Cycling trail around the Velenje Lake – 7,500 meters (4.11 miles)
  • The path from the Škale Lake to the Bela dvorana Sports Center and back – 3,300 meters (2.88 miles)
  • The path from the bridge to the Fisherman's Hut at Šoštanj – 2,800 meters (1.13 miles)


Interesting Facts

How did the Šalek Lakes get their names?

The lakes, which are filled up by streams, are named after the settlements that had to retreat because of dam construction (Škalsko, Družmirsko), or after the town, which became a lake settlement (Velenje) due to coal mining.


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Šaleška jezera
Start point coordinates 46,36958

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Nearby Restaurants

Ribiški dom

Ribiški dom Fishing Club at the Šaleš Lakes surprised us with its hospitality. A fragrant cup of coffee and hot chocolate nicely warmed up our winter trip. We will definitely be back for more.

Cesta na Jezero 7b,

3320 Velenje

Vita, Olja and Juna Recommend

Not far from the lake you can visit The Coal Mining Museum of Slovenia. This museum is a must-see and we think it is one of the most interesting such locations in Slovenia.

For children under the age of 6 the entrance to the underground part of the museum is not allowed. The guided tour includes a mining snack (Kranjska sausage, bread and juice or vegetarian snack) for every visitor. This is a most interesting and delicious experience.

Listen to a Story about St. Barbara, a woman who is a patroness of miners.