Krčnik Gorge 4207

Krčnik Gorge

Region Gorizia Statistical Region
Starting point A parking lot right outside the Hlevnik Village
Route length 2,5 km (1.97 miles)
route duration 1 h
Best time to visit all year
Appropriate for Baby Strollers , Baby Carriers , 1-3 years of age , 3-6 years of age
Level of difficulty easy route

Route Description


Troughs, waterfalls, gorges ... you will find us anywhere near water. The bridge reminded us of the elephant sculpture carved by the river in the Mostnica Gorge, so we decided that these elephants were most likely brothers, each cooling off at a different end of our beautiful Slovenia. This location is perfect for a little rest and finding your inner peace, until one of the children decides that they are, say, thirsty or hungry and you have to come back to reality :).

This natural monument is a 5-meter (16 feet) long and slightly over a meter (3 feet) thick stone bridge, smoothly polished by the water, looming above the Kožbanjšček Stream on top of a gorge. The Kožbanjšček Stream carved three pools into the streambed during the process of overcoming a 10-meter (32-feet) cliff.

About 40 m (43 yards) long gorge begins with a 6 m (19 feet) deep spherical hollow in the stream of the watercourse, into which the water carries stones and sand. The water current rotates the debris, making the hollow deeper. Over it expands a natural bridge, which is nicely rounded and smoothed by the rushing water. The troughs continue with a narrow gutter, which is barely half a meter (0.1 yard) wide in some places and interrupted by ditches up to 5 m (16 feet) deep. The Krčnik Gorge continues into a ravine with steep walls, which soon opens up into a narrow valley. In the Goriška Brda wine growing region, we reach the Krčnik Gorge on the road Dobrovo – Neblo border crossing.

The Krčnik Gorge is one of the most beautiful natural landmarks in Slovenia, which is protected as a cultural monument, and will enchant you in all seasons. The arch of the bridge is about 5 m (5 yards) long, 1.5 m (1.1 yards) thick and up to 1 m (1 yard) wide.


Interesting Facts

The Slapnik abandoned village recently gained fame when it was rumored to be renovated in a BBC reality show. The decaying village is full of interesting motifs and beautiful stone masonry details, which testify to the former lively pulse and good life of the locals.


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Nearby Restaurants

Belica Homestead

This is definitely one of the more famous inns in the area; however, reserve a table in advance to get a spot. Enjoy the locally grown food, order both of their menus and try everything they have to offer. You may need to distract your kids while they wait for their lunch, since the homestead serves slow food.

Medana 32
 5212 Dobrovo
05 30 42 104

Mila and Staš Recommend

June is the month of cherries! It is great if you manage to go on a procession of farm wagons, where “Brike” and “Brici” introduce both children and adults to the Goriška Brda farm life, habits and customs. The Cherry Festival (Praznik češenj) is the most delicious and sweet party you can attend around here!