Mount Mary Magdalene 1101

Mount Mary Magdalene

Region Central Slovenia Statistical region
Starting point The town of Hrastje pri Grosuplju – leave your car next to a hayrack (kozolec)
Route length 1,51 km (0.16 miles)
route duration 1-1.5 h
End Point Altitude 504 m (1,653 feet)
Best time to visit spring, summer, early autumn
Appropriate for Baby Carriers , 3-6 years of age , 6+ years of age
Level of difficulty Moderately demanding route

Route Description

This is another nice family trip in the proximity of the town of Grosuplje.

A well-preserved prehistoric settlement with artificial terraces and defensive embankments, a large number of ancestral mounds, the rich history of research and rich finds make Mount Mary Magdalene one of the most famous archeological sites in Slovenia.

At the top of the hill, on the site of the former acropolis, stands the St. Mary Magdalene Church, built in a peasant gothic style. An archeological trail will lead you through a protected area of cultural heritage. The educational path allows you to see the visible remains of an Iron Age fort and outlines the way of life of the inhabitants.


Interesting Facts

Did you know?

Most of the finds date back to the 8th to the 1st century BC., and some excavations are from Roman and medieval times. Among the more important items are bronze situlae, weapons and other military equipment, various buckles and decorative jewelry. A decorative tile in the shape of a four-pointed cross with horse heads is the basis for the image of the coat of arms of the municipality of Grosuplje. The finds are kept in museums in Ljubljana, Vienna and Harvard.



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Magdalenska gora-Grosuplje
Start point coordinates 45,97086

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Calling all parents and children! Take a walk on the educational trail and learn many interesting facts about archeological finds with the help of information boards.