Marsh Pixies land-Vrhnika 5217

Marsh Pixies land-Vrhnika

Region Central Slovenia Statistical region
Starting point Bevke Sports Park parking lot
Route length 3,2 km (1.17 miles)
route duration 2 h
Best time to visit spring, summer, early autumn
Appropriate for Baby Carriers , 3-6 years of age , 6+ years of age
Level of difficulty Easy forest trail


Route Description

Welcome to the Marsh Pixies land. Experience the swampiest family adventure!

The fantasy-adventure Marsh Pixies trail to Mali Plac, a well-maintained 3.2 kilometre (1.17 mile)-long easy hiking path has an altitude difference of 96 metres (314 feet). It takes you approximately 2 hours to finish the adventure. However, the individual tasks can absorb your interest so much that you may find yourself being there longer and feel like no time has passed.

Mali Plac is a magical place full of unusual flora and fauna. Here everything bubbles, croaks, rustles and warbles. For thousands of years it has been covered by moss that stretches deep into the forest, into the kingdom of the marsh pixies, who are cunning and sly. They have bewitched Mali Plac and turned it topsy-turvy. Pesky mosquitoes and bothersome midges have taken over. Everything bites, crawls, stings, buzzes and snarls. Who will save it from the pixies’ spell? Children, of course!

This interesting trail has a story of its own, which is featured in a picture book written by Uroš Grilc and illustrated by Gorazd Vahen. It is about the brave tortoise Bevka, who breaks the pixie spell and saves Mali Plac. Unfortunately, the book is not available in English.

The terrain is unsuitable for baby strollers and is appropriate for children aged 3 and older.

Interesting Facts

Why is visiting the marsh pixies a true adventure?

Using the Marsh Notebook (“Močvirska beležka”), children collect swamp stamps and pixie symbols (which belong to a special pixie script). Their mission is to find a magic spell to ward off the curse of the swamp pixies, with the help of the kind pixie named Lilija. They are accompanied by large wooden sculptures of swamp animals: a green frog, a horseshoe bat, a dragonfly and of course a tortoise, the central character of the Mali Plac nature reserve picture book. Mischievous swamp pixies make their appearance as well.

The Mali Plac nature reserve is a magical place full of unusual flora and fauna for the kids to discover. Here everything bubbles, croaks, rustles and warbles. This fantasy-adventure trail in the boggy, marshy Ljubljansko Barje Wetland makes sure all families learn something new about the past and present of this area, all while hiking it.

Brilliant, is it not?


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Pot močvirskih škratobv-Bevke-Vrhnika
Start point coordinates 45,989223

Nearby Restaurants

Športni park Bevke, ŠPB Baru,

Here, you can buy the Marsh Notebook (Močvirska beležka – 5 EUR) which completes the trail experience. They throw in a pencil as well. Once the children collect the marsh stamps and break the curse, they get a little reward at the ŠPB Bar.

Sit down and refresh yourself with a cold drink or a cup of delicious coffee.

Bevke 92a,

1358 Log pri Brezovici

Vita, Olja in Juna priporočajo


Visit the Old Mill (Star maln) in Vrhnika.

Lintvern Spring, the source of the Bela Stream, is a natural monument and karst phenomena. Its water flow is not constant; sometimes the water gushes out with great force but at times, the spring completely dries up. It has been one of the known natural wonders for 300 years.

You can hear the Tale of the Town of Vrhnika. Every child, even your inner child, will enjoy hearing it.