Mare’s Peeing Waterfall  3066

Mare’s Peeing Waterfall

Region Central Slovenia Statistical region
Starting point The village of Rob – fire station (gasilski dom) parking lot
Route length 5 km (3.18 miles)
route duration 2h
Best time to visit All year
Appropriate for Baby Strollers , Baby Carriers , 1-3 years of age , 3-6 years of age , 6+ years of age
Level of difficulty Easy route

Route Description


This waterfall is sure to make our children laugh with its amusing name. Legend has it that a coachman (“furman”) driving his horse-drawn carriage named it while passing by. He observed how his mare (“kobila”) relieved herself and thought that the waterfall under which it was located looked very similar. Hence the name Mare’s Peeing Waterfall (“Kobilji curek”).

This is the highest waterfall in the Lower Carniola Region (Dolenjska).  It is a two-stage waterfall with the total height of 30+ meters (100 feet). The Stages are separated with boulders, so there are actually two waterfalls - both with the height of 15+ m (50 feet). You can leave your car at the fire station in the village of Rob and start your hike there. Walk for a while and then turn left at the crossroads, where you will also see information boards pointing you to the waterfall.

Due to the undisturbed natural environment and the cultural significance, the territory around the waterfall in the size of 3 hectares has been declared a forest reserve. Nearby is the Claustra hiking trail along the remains of the late Roman barrier system. You can hire a tour guide to accompany you, which you need to book in advance. If you want to know all about the diverse geological formation of this area, we highly recommend you get professional guidance.

Interesting Facts

Nearby is the village of Rašica, the birthplace of Primož Trubar.

From the very beginning of his life, Trubar knew how to gain respect and reputation both at home and abroad. He befriended and maintained contacts with many philosophers and theologians, nobles, princes and kings. Today, he is recognized and considered as the first one to write and print the first book in Slovene.

Trubar was a Slovene Protestant Reformer of the Lutheran tradition and a key figure in Slovenian history. He wrote books in Slovene so that his nation would understand the new religion. In 1550, while being a Protestant preacher in Rothenburg, he wrote the first two books in Slovene, Catechismus and Abecedarium in the dialect of his hometown of Rašica. The Catechismus contains some explanations of a chapter on Protestant teachings, seven hymns, two prayers, and a sermon on the faith. The Abecedarium is an eight-leaf booklet for helping people learn the alphabet. Both books are written in Slovene in the Schwabacher (Gothic script).



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Kobilji curek
Start point coordinates 45,847515

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Pizzerija Adam

We always finish our family trips at this restaurant, where the staff is friendly and the pizza delicious. The inn, which has a summer garden and a playground for the kids, has been operating for more than 25 years. They offer more than 25 types of pizza, and typical local parties on weekends.

Ponikve 71

1312 Videm - Dobrepolje

01 780 74 30

Mila and Staš Recommend

This terrain is very dog friendly - there is a stream nearby, to quench your thirst and maybe find other furry friends who are also on a walk.