Krka River Spring 1936

Krka River Spring

Region Central Slovenia Statistical region
Starting point Church parking lot
Route length 4 km (2.85 miles)
route duration 1,5 h
Best time to visit summer, spring, autumn, winter
Appropriate for Baby Strollers , Baby Carriers , 1-3 years of age , 3-6 years of age , 6+ years of age , Dandy Horses, Bikes
Level of difficulty Easy circular trail

Route Description

Visit the beautiful nature featured in the Slovenian television series “Reka ljubezni” (the River of Love). Take a walk through the idyllic villages of Lower Carniola (Dolenjska) and experience the breathtaking surroundings and the warm welcome by the locals. The Krka River Spring truly blew us away!

The described family trip is suitable for children aged 2 to 3 years. The trail terrain to the spring is suitable for a baby stroller or a baby carrier. A circular return is not possible so you need to go back by the same route. Children younger than 2 years of age can manage the hike easily. In this case, avoid most of the local road to the village of Gradiček and drive to the parking lot at the Poltarica Spring. On the way back, you can shorten the route through meadows as shown on our GPX map. The difficulty of the whole hike can easily be adjusted to the age of your youngest child.

Upon arrival in the village of Krka, the size of the village church and the Poltarica Spring a few hundred meters (109 yards) ahead leave a great impression on every visitor. The stream, which could easily be called a small river, is the first tributary of the Krka River and it originates in several places under the rocks at the foot of a steep forested slope. On the rock above the spring once stood the strongly fortified medieval Vrhkrka Castle, which is in ruins today. Next to the spring, there is also the entrance to the Poltarica Cave, which is closed for tourists. The path goes further through the village of Gradiček. Take a few minutes to rest and read the boards featuring the scenes from the television series the River of Love (“Reka ljubezni”), which were shot right here. Follow the information boards to the Krka River Spring.

Looming over the spring is the Krka Cave (Krška jama), which can be entered by making a prior arrangement. This originally dry cave bursts with water coming from the Račna Karst Field (Radensko polje) during heavy downpour. Follow our description of the trip and of course, our GPX map and have yourself a nice family outing!

Interesting Facts

Next to the spring, there are steps that lead to the Krka Cave (Krška jama) and during heavy downpours, water bursts through its entrance and flows down these stairs in a torrential waterfall. Behind the entrance is a spacious hall with its walls full of stalactites. This is more than 200 m (218 yards) long and up to 30 m (98 feet) wide horizontal cave. Regular shaped rocks form the ceiling. The grounds are covered with rubble and in the eastern corner of the cave large boulders heap all the way up to the ceiling. The cave ends with a 30-metre (32 yard) long siphon lake.

Did You Know?

In the 15th and 16th centuries, the locals hid there during the Ottoman invasions, as described in the story Jurij Kozjak (1864) written by the 19th-century Slovene writer Josip Jurčič, born in the vicinity. In the 17th century, the cave was visited by the polymath Valvasor. For the first time, Jan Vladimír Hráský surveyed it in 1887. Due to the frequent flooding of the cultivated Račna Karst Field, it was widened with explosives in 1937 to ease the water outflow.

At the same time, they tried to find a continuation of the cave by blowing up a crack over the siphon lake in 1954. Forty years later, the cave divers succeeded in doing that. In the depths of the siphon lake, they swam through a labyrinth of underwater tunnels, which after 210 meters (229 yards) lead to the 60-meter-long (65 yards) final Vrhovec Hall. The total explored passage length is 490 meters (535 yards).

You need to call beforehand if you wish to enter the cave. For more information, call:

Slavko Pajntar-Pinki +386 (0)41 276-252 or + 386 (0)31 350-003


Adults 3.00 EUR

High school students up to 18 years: 2.00 EUR

Children aged 6 and older: 2.00 EUR

Children under the age of 6: free of charge



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Izvir Krke
Start point coordinates 45,880493

Nearby Restaurants

Domačija Javornik,

This inn is where the locals used to borrow canoes and buy grilled trout. No other restaurant merges beautiful nature and tasty dishes as well as the Domačija Javornik Homestead. If you are not a fan of the trout, you will fall in love with its taste at this homestead located right by the Krka River! Find your place for a delicious lunch on the grass or at the wooden terrace right by the river at the foot of the spring. Puppies are not allowed here.

Krka 27,


+386 (0)31 739 771

Vita, Olja and Juna Recommend

Whether you are a fan of the television series River of Love or merely a fan of beautiful nature, this trip is a must!

The series River of Love (Reka ljubezni) was released on Sep 04, 2017 on the POP TV channel. It was shot right here by the Krka River and it talks about two people in love: a village carpenter boy and a city photographer girl. They fight for their relationship while overcoming several obstacles.