St. Lawrence Hill in Bašelj  1553

St. Lawrence Hill in Bašelj

Region Upper Carniola Statistical Region
Starting point Parking lot at the foot of the hill
Route length 2 km (1.42 miles)
route duration 0,5-1 h
End Point Altitude 892 m (2,926 feet)
Best time to visit All year
Appropriate for Baby Carriers , 1-3 years of age , 3-6 years of age , 6+ years of age
Level of difficulty Easy route


Route Description

Drive from the town of Preddvor through the village of Zgornja Bela and you will arrive at the village of St. Lawrence. Its church (which bears the same name) is a popular excursion point above the village of Bašelj in the municipality of Preddvor. The church stands at an altitude of 892 meters (2,926 feet) and has a beautiful view of part of the Ljubljana Basin, all the way to the city of Kranj and Mount Saint Mary.

The St. Lawrence Church stands on the southern slope not far from the forested peak of the Gora Hill (918 meters/3,011 feet above the sea level). The church was first mentioned in a 1154 archive record. It is also mentioned in a medieval folk song called "Galjot." The church was built in 1142, burned down by the Turks, later on re-built, and enlarged. The last significant renovation was in 1994. It is a typical village church with a rectangular nave and an apse, which was later on rebuilt into a presbytery. On the outside wall there used to be a mural of St. Christopher carrying Christ on his shoulders. The beautiful landscape enchants anyone that reaches the top. Our family visited this hill on a beautiful summer day and even carried our youngest in a baby carrier the whole way!

Imagine being up here. The basin below with all the villages and their inhabitants drowns in a sea of fog as if by a cosmic flood. A few small islands protrude from the slightly curled surface: the Rašica Hill, Mount Saint Mary and the St. Margaret Mountain rising above Kranj. On the edge of this cauldron-like view, reminiscent of a pot of milk that will boil over at any moment, so many hills paint the horizon. To the east, the snowy Krvavec Mountain with an antenna tower, to the south, the picturesque Snežnik Mountain and the Krim Hill. The Javorniki Hills, the Polhov Gradec Hilld, the Lubnik Hill, the Stari vrh Ski Centre and the Blegoš Hill stretch to the east. This family trip will make your family feel all sorts of good!


Interesting Facts

If you have slighty older children, take them on the Chamois Trail hike, which runs past the St. Lawrence Church.

This footpath starts at the Tourist Association Bašelj (TD Bašelj) log cabin, runs past the village of Laško to the Dom pod Lovrencem Hut and the St. Lawrence Church. It continues to the village of Gradišče and descends into the Belca Valley. The trail is also connected to the circular “Path under Storžec” (“Pot pod Storžcem”), which runs between the St. Lawrence Hill, the village of Babni vrt and the village of Povlja.

The Chamois Trail has beautiful views and connects the most important natural and cultural heritage in the area:

• The St. Lawrence Church

• The Gradišče archeological site

• The upper course of the Belca Stream




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Nearby Restaurants

Dom na Lovrencu Hut

Just below the hilltop stands the Dom na Lovrencu Hut, where you can taste the delicious local cuisine and rest for a bit. We drank some warm tea and tried their delicious pretzels. The staf serves you homemade donuts that are downright divine. The guesthouse is also pet-friendly and it caters to children with a sandpit to play in. We frequently come here to enjoy the delicious food and friendly service.

Bašelj 35
4205 Preddvor
031 322 193


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Once upon a time, there lived two farmer brothers down in the valley who were having an angry dispute over the ownership of a nearby forest. They quarreled and sued each other in court. The older brother got very angry one day and said, "If the forest can’t be mine, let the devil take it." That night a storm raged with lightning and thunder. The wind knocked over trees and exposed thatched roof...

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