Nežica Waterfall-Tišenpolj 773

Nežica Waterfall-Tišenpolj

Region Southeast Slovenia Statistical Region
Starting point Parking lot by the main road
Route length 1,3 km (0.14 miles)
route duration 0,5 h
Best time to visit summer, spring, early autumn
Appropriate for Baby Carriers , 1-3 years of age , 3-6 years of age , 6+ years of age
Level of difficulty Easy route to the waterfall / Moderately demanding route to the spring

Route Description

The Nežica Stream is located by the route Kočevje-Petrina. Leave your car at the marked parking lot by the main road. Some also call it the Tišenpolje Waterfall, as the stream originates below the village of Tišenpolje and flows down into the valley (Source: website). The Nežica Waterfall is 15 meters (49 feet) high and originates below the rocky and steep slope of the Tišenpolj Mountain. The Nežica Stream flows from several headwaters in the valley above the hills of Vrana stena and Planina. It belongs to the tufa-forming streams because it is completely covered by moss and tufa stone. You can climb the left bank of the stream to get above the waterfall and in the summer cool down pleasantly in the forest shade. The path to the spring is narrow and can be slippery in bad weather, so it is not suitable for younger children, nor for a baby carrier.

Interesting Facts

According to legend, the creek is named after a girl called Nežica, who, along with her oxen during pasture, was pulled under by the intermittent water. After a while, the Tišenpolje Stream surfaced an oxen yoke wrapped in the girl's hair, thus ending the uncertainty about the fate of the unfortunate Nežica.

Here you can liten to an interesting Legend about girl Nežica.



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Slap Nežca-Tišenpolj
Start point coordinates 45,482906

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Koče 9,

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