The Wine-growing Area of Jeruzalem-Ljutomer 3102

The Wine-growing Area of Jeruzalem-Ljutomer

Region Mura statistical region
Starting point By the abandoned white mansion
Route length 3 km (1.15 miles)
route duration 1-2 h
Best time to visit All year
Appropriate for Baby Strollers , Baby Carriers , 3-6 years of age , 6+ years of age
Level of difficulty Moderately difficult route

Route Description


Relax on a beautiful family walk among the wine-growing terraces of the Slovene Jerusalem. Jeruzalem has a very rich history. The Romans were the first to stop here, bringing vines to these places. Legend has it that more than seven hundred years ago, the Crusaders stopped at our most beautiful hill to rest, while on their journey to the Holy Land.

Jeruzalem is a town in the Municipality of Ljutomer, renowned for its picturesque wine-growing terraces. It is centred on the ridge around the Church of Our Lady of Sorrows built in 1652. The church lies in the Ljutomer-Ormož hills, at the confluence between the Drava and Mura rivers. It is 7 km (4.6 miles) away from Ljutomer, connected by the Wine Route (“vinska pot”), and lies at an altitude of 341 m (1118 feet). Duke Frederick of Ptuj gave the territory around the town of Velika Nedelja and Jeruzalem to the Crusaders at the beginning of the 13th century.

The knights took care of the locals and their spiritual and cultural development as well as taught them viticulture. Such help was needed since the Turks ravaged this land while returning from their conquests in the west. In 1664, brave women (“babe”) from Prlekija supposedly chased away the Turkish army returning from the Battle of Saint Gotthard via Jeruzalem. Babji Klanec (Hags Hill) got its name after this historic event. Centuries later, the locals established a wine company. In higher altitudes, due to the extremely favourable location and climatic conditions, there are terraced vineyards, below them orchards (mostly apple trees) and some forest.

Jeruzalem is one of the most important tourist destinations in Slovenia and we are a little embarrassed that we took this long to visit this beautiful place. The nature along the Jeruzalem Wine Route (“vinska pot”) glows in a very special intensity of colors and shapes in all seasons. The hospitality of many different tourist farms (and accommodations there), wineries, winegrowers, unique items manufacturers is open all year round and makes the trip even more enjoyable. Travelling along the Wine Road is possible on foot and by bike, car or bus. We went on foot with our baby stroller and took advantage of a beautiful winter sunny day for a short 3 km (1.15 miles) long walk with children, who were more interested in wind rattles (klopotec) in the vineyards, than hills and vines.

When going there with children, you may want to skip the famous wine cellars ;). The beautiful nature with its fairytale views of the surrounding wine hills is enough to make you drunk with love ;).

At the finish line of your trip, next to the church, is where the Jeruzalem Mansion, designed by Ilse Fischerauer, used to stand. The 1907 fire destroyed the mansion/inn. At the top, right next to the church, is a Tourist Information Center, where visitors can buy souvenirs and learn even more Interesting facts about this beautiful place.


Interesting Facts

How did Jeruzalem get its name?

In Hebrew, the word ‘Jerusalem’ means ‘the city of peace’ and the town of Jeruzalem is the most attractive landmark of the municipality of Ljutomer. Concentrated around the Church of Our Lady of Sorrows on top of a hill, in the middle of the Ljutomer-Ormož hills, it has an irreplaceable mission. The 17th-century church is like a lighthouse shining over the vineyards and thus an unmistakeable trademark of Jeruzalem. She beckons many visitors from all over with its holy name and the famous energy points to the pilgrimage center, the Wine Route, beautiful vantage points and the culinary delicacies in the area.

Like a true piece of heaven, it convinced the Crusaders of its beauty back in the 13th Century who looked for a way to the Holy land and Jerusalem.

The Crusaders actually built the church of Our Lady of Sorrows, which was later on rebuilt in the Baroque style. Legend tells of the bravery of women (“babe”) from Prlekija, who supposedly chased away the Turkish army returning from the Battle of Saint Gotthard via Jeruzalem. “Babji Klanec” (Hags Hill) got its name after this historic event.

Jeruzalem is renowned by its beauty as well, and not just wine. The ancestor of the vine we know today grew in this area in the younger Tertiary. The Romans then brought with them high-quality vines, which from now on thrived in their new homeland between the Mura and the Drava RIver.

Do you like fine wine?

Ideal locations for different grapevines enable the production of high-quality wines. The variety of white wine grapevines and different quality levels and flavors in this area, produces a real white symphony. Wine connoisseurs can choose among different kinds of grapevines such as Šipon, which is the only indigenous variety of vines in our hills, Laško/Rhine Riesling, Chardonnay, Sauvignon and Pinot Blanc. Other kinds such as Gray and Blue Pinot, Traminer, Yellow Muscat and Muscat Ottonel, Rizvanec, Kerner and Ranina are also ready to make your tastebuds sing.

Oh, Jeruzalem and the beautiful wine hills. The wind rattles (“klopotec”) in the vineyards blew us away completely.


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Nearby Restaurants

Gostilna Trnek

This friendly family restaurant has a great ear for their guests. The warm reception and perfectly prepared food is the reason why we recommend you to go there as well. Their menu includes many delicious dishes, the most famous being the house specialties, as well as baked goods. You can taste lamb, pork ribs... etc., you name it!

Our children loved their delicious desserts as well as their playground, where they waited diligently until lunch arrived. We highly recommend this place!

Mota 76,

9240 Ljutomer

03 160 64 45

Vita, Olja and Juna Recommend

We visited ZOO Sikaluzoo, located in Radenci and only 30 minutes away from Ljutomer. This was definitely a cherry on top of our adventure. We were able to pet and feed the animals who live in a large area surrounded by forest. A big + is the big children’s playground, which we really enjoyed. We will definitely visit the Zoo during the Christmas holidays as well, as it allegedly turns into a real sparkly winter wonderland.


Boračeva 54a, 9252 Radenci