Franja Partisan Hospital 4418

Franja Partisan Hospital

Region Gorizia Statistical Region
Starting point Marked parking lot
Route length 1 km (0.10 miles)
route duration 1-2 h (it depends)
Best time to visit spring, summer, autumn
Appropriate for Baby Carriers , 1-3 years of age , 3-6 years of age , 6+ years of age
Level of difficulty Easy route

Route Description

There were several important partisans in Slovene history, such as Anka, Tina and Stane. One of the most memorable partisan monuments is the Franja Partisan Hospital, which was named after Franja Bojc, MD.

The Franja Partisan Hospital at Dolenji Novaki near Cerkno is a cluster of functionally arranged Partisan hospital facilities located in the narrow, barely accessible Pasice Gorge, which is itself a natural attraction. The hospital complex comprises 14 wooden buildings and several small auxiliary facilities, which were gradually set up in the period from December 1943 to May 1945. The hospital operated illegally, and in addition to the staff, the surrounding residents were also heavily responsible for the successful operation, helping as much as possible by collecting food and medicine. It was well hidden and even the wounded who were transported there did not know the way as they were blindfolded.

The facilities had an effective self-defense; in the steep walls above the stream machine guns hid in the natural bunkers and were a defence against enemy invasion. The gorge was attacked twice, but the hospital was never discovered.

This was one of the best-equipped secret partisan hospitals with a surgery cabin, an X-ray cabin, a handicapped care facility, and even a small power plant. It could take in about 100 wounded people.

The monument was completely reconstructed after the flood that destroyed it in September 2007, and has been open again for visitors since May 2010. Despite the loss of authentic tangible heritage, it remains a symbol of international alliance and resistance, and above all a precious reminder of humanity, nobleness, and camaraderie.

Nowadays a nicely arranged path with a few descriptive boards leads to the hospital through the Pasica gorge. Steep walls and rapids, pools and waterfalls of the stream 'Čerinščica' surround us. It is hard to imagine that wounded people were being transferred here at night without a proper path.


Interesting Facts

The medical staff cared for the wounded in circumstances that are difficult to imagine today. The operations were sometimes performed without anesthesia. They had access to ether, Pentothal and other medical means. However, they lacked antibiotics, blood and plasma. In March 1945, they also acquired an X-ray machine, which was only available at one other partisan hospital.


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We wanted to know more about the brave Franja and we found her biography:

Franja Bojc grew up on a farm in the Nemška vas Village near Ribnica, but decided to study medicine. At the beginning of the war, she moved her practice from the town of Bohinjska Bistrica to her hometown. She began working with the Liberation Front and helped the wounded partisans under her partisan name of “Daša”. Shortly after her arrival, Franja was appointed hospital manager in the Pasice gorge. For the young doctor, this was certainly not an easy task - not only because of the difficult war situation, which required a lot of effort and sacrifice, but also because she was a woman. At that time, women were far from equal. The pressures and oppositions were also evident in the charges against her and in the trial that followed the summer of 1944. She had to leave the Frajna Hospital temporarily, but was eventually acquitted of all charges and was able to return. She fell in love with a fellow partisan Frank Bidovec and married him on February 20, 1945 at the Franja Hospital.