Rašica Rules! 2077

Rašica Rules!

Region Central Slovenia Statistical region
Starting point The Rašica Village road sign
Route length 6,5 km (4.6 miles)
route duration 1- 2h
End Point Altitude 641 m (2,103 feet)
Best time to visit All year
Appropriate for Baby Carriers , 1-3 years of age , 3-6 years of age , 6+ years of age , Bikes
Level of difficulty Easy route

Route Description

The locals all like to say “Rašica je špica!” in Slovene, which roughly translates to “Rašica rules!”

The Rašica Hill, which is also known as the Stane Kosec Peak, makes for a splendid hike, which is easy enough for a pair of short legs as well.

This is the second most popular hill in Ljubljana, following Mount Saint Mary. People like to come here with their bicycles, so it is a good idea to pay attention to them rushing by if you find yourself on a hike to Rašica Hill.

Drive towards the town of Gameljne and in the town of Srednje Gameljne turn left at the fire station towards the village of Rašica. Continue all the way to the road sign indicating the beginning of the village and park there.

It will take you a good hour to reach the top of the hill if you stick to the macadam road. You can also turn right onto a narrower steeper trail, which will shorten your route.

The Rašica mountain lodge (planinski dom Rašica) at the top takes care of any hiker passing by, even the four-legged furry ones! If it starts to rain, worry not, you can go inside the lodge and rest your weary feet there.

A few meters higher stands the attraction we have been promising our children since the starting point.  It is a 17-metre (55 feet) high tower with a view over central Slovenia and the Kamnik and Savinja Alps.

If you are lucky, you can see the Triglav Mountain waving!

Interesting Facts

This hill consists mostly of limestone; consequently, there are many sinkholes and karst caves in the area. Due to wetlands, the beautiful lady’s slipper orchid and swamp tulip grow here, which are both protected. The Trzin Town locals call this typical marsh tulip “little crane” (“žerjavček” in Slovene).





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Rašica je špica
Start point coordinates 46,134766

Nearby Restaurants

Planinski dom Rašiške čete na Rašici

This mountain lodge takes care of any hiker (young or old) passing by, even the four-legged furry ones, who have their own dog bar full of treats! Children can lie down and rest in the conveniently placed hammocks. If it happens to rain, worry not, there are toys inside the lodge. The menu offers everything from “jota” (bran and sauerkraut hotpot), stew, goulash and strudels (which are their specialty).

The lodge is open all year round!

Rašica 50

1211 Ljubljana - Šmartno

+386 40 303 309



Vita, Olja and Juna Recommend

Our precious Juna patiently waited at the dog bar while Vita urges you to climb the tower and enjoy the view. Only the brave dare to ascend it of course :).