Travna Gora Mountain Hut  7430

Travna Gora Mountain Hut

Region Southeast Slovenia Statistical Region
Starting point parkirišče pod cerkvijo v vasi Breže
Route length 23 km
route duration 1-2 h
Best time to visit vsi letni časi
Appropriate for Bikes
Level of difficulty lahka pot

Route Description

There are so many hills beckoning us to climb them and admire the views up there. Take a relaxing Sunday walk with your kids from the village of Nova Štifta to the Travna gora Mountain Hut. For additional motivation, tell the kids there are desserts and fresh juice at the finish line. Actually, you can even drive to the mountain hut with your car and start a hike to the nearby peaks from there (e.g., Kamni Grič Hill is 45 minutes away). In winter, part of the road can be impassable due to the amount of snow.

Travna gora Mountain is a high karst plateau, located west of Ribniško polje Plain, and represents the highest part of the Municipality of Sodražica. It belongs to the northern part of the Velika gora mountain range, which rises to the west above the fields between Ribnica and Kočevje. The larger, leveled part of Travna gora Mountain is at an altitude of between 850 and 950 m (2,788 and 3,116 feet), and individual rocky peaks rise above it.

The central village in the mountain area is Travna Gora, which has no permanent inhabitants and includes about 30 holiday homes. At the junction of hiking trails is the Travna gora Mountain Hut (890 m/2,919 feet) and a ski resort.

Drive on the regional road from Ljubljana to Kočevje. At the village of Žlebič, turn right and follow the signs for Sodražica and Nova Štifta. Continue to the village of Lipovščica, where the sign for Nova Štifta directs you to the left up an uphill road. Follow this road to the parking lot near the church in Nova Štifta. You can reach the top via a macadam road, or you can follow the signs and tackle a steeper forest trail.


Interesting Facts

Nova Štifta is known for being the location of one of the most beautiful baroque churches in Slovenia and the Franciscan Monastery.

Folk legends tell that the hill was originally called Brinov grič Hill, where Mother Mary appeared to the pious farmer Matija Furlan from Sušje. She ordered him to build a church for her. The faithful man told this order to the Ribnica Castle caretaker named Riglar. He did not believe him, but imprisoned the poor farmer to make him "come to his senses." However, the caretaker suddenly went blind. It was a sign from God that the church must be built. When construction began, the caretaker suddenly stopped being blind and he even helped the builders.




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Start point coordinates 45,7388118

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Nearby Restaurants

Harlekin Pizzeria and Inn

You must stop at this pizzeria when you are in the area. Sit down and enjoy the local scenery, seasonal dishes, the friendliness of waiters and homegrown ingredients. We definitely recommend this pizzeria!


Gorenjska cesta 21
1310 Ribnica
01 836 15 32

Mila and Staš Recommend

Two huge linden trees stand next to the church, which are said to have been planted more than 380 years ago. Why would we kids be interested in this? Well, because they put a huge wooden house on one of the linden trees that you can climb and admire the surroundings.

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